Monday, January 31, 2011


When you are little you need a mommy and a daddy. They feed, clothe, bath, and watch over you. It is called parenting. It is the greatest and most important work in the world. Loving and caring for your family; fathers and mothers loving each other and providing loving care for their little ones.

As life progresses, so do the demands within the home. Little ones get bigger. Bruised shins and elbows leave way to dating, courting, and heart issues. The stakes are larger with huge consequences. The nest becomes empty.

Then young adults marry and the process begins again. It is the cycle of love and life filled with tons of joy as well as bumps and bruises.

Then momma and daddy get older. Hopefully they move into the twilight years together.

The tables turn.

Love and care received for many, many, many years moves more in the other direction with love and care now to be given. Families of love know how to do it. You just take care of each other.

Love received must become love given.

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