Wednesday, January 5, 2011


At the beginning of each new year I set aside time to pray and wait on God. It usually includes some form of fasting. The Bible teaches that prayer with fasting is one way to maximize our prayer efforts. This year I am following the Prophet Daniel's model of fasting for 21 days. It is not a total fast, but is a fast where you basically eat as a vegetarian.

I love vegetables, but I much prefer some red meat too. I don't do too much fried food, but I love sweets. Sweets are left of the Daniel menu too.

Also, I am beginning training for the Gate River Run in March. It is a 9.3 mile run around the St. Johns River crossing the Main St. Bridge and the Hart Bridge. I have run it three times before, but it has been several years.

Changing my diet and beefing up my exercise it challenging. The primary issue is protein. I am finding new ways to get protein in me to give energy to run.

Another issue is that I want to lose weight. So more exercise couple with less calories including lots of prayer should help.

I don't know if Daniel ever ran. He did get thrown into a lions den.

My prayer goals are simple. My weight goals are heavy. My training goals are challenging. Most of all I want God to do something powerful this year.


  1. Try adding olive oil, avocados, nuts, ground flax seeds (you can sprinkle that into fruit juice) and beans. Costco sells a giant jar of a great three bean salad. You can also get some protein powder and put it in your fruit shakes, you could get a soy based one. Don't train to hard if all you're eating is fruit and remember fruit is loaded with sugar! Take care!!

  2. I saw that you are doing a Daniel Fast and wanted to let you know about my book, The Ultimate Guide to the Daniel Fast. It would be a great help and encouragement to you as you seek the Lord. You can find the book at your local Christian bookstore, Barnes & Noble, or online at May the Lord bless you richly as you hunger for Him!

    Kristen Feola
    Author, The Ultimate Guide to the Daniel Fast

  3. Thanks, Jennifer and Kristen, for your insight and suggestions. I am believing that God is going to do some incredible things for our family, church, home, and me. Studying the life and model of Daniel is encouraging and inspiring.

    Kristen, I will certainly look your book up.