Monday, January 24, 2011


I preached this past Sunday morning from the Book of Daniel. He was a man of character, courage, and commitment. He continually served the Lord and was faithful to God regardless of how easy or tough things were. We were completing a 21 day Daniel fast in our church and I was excited about what God is doing in our church family.

As the sermon developed, I finally got to the part where Daniel was trapped by jealous leaders in King Darius' Court. They contrived a plan that they hoped were do away with Daniel.

So I said, "They threw Daniel in the lion of dens," and continued on with my message. Then I caught what I said. I immediately corrected my blooper and asked how many heard what I had misspoke. Only about 15% caught my error. I am amazed that I caught it. Bloopers happen.

Later Sunday afternoon I overheard Wanda on the phone. She said, "How open are you late?"


We all do it.

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