Friday, January 28, 2011


I am continuing to train for the upcoming Gate River Run in March. It is a 15 K or 9.3 mile race. Presently I am running about 3 miles a couple of times a week and bumping it up to 4 miles another time or so. Now it goes to 5 miles on one run. I think I feel sore muscles already.

Running is a quick way to exercise and it is cheap. In a half an hour I can burn enough calories to justify eating what I want and even lose a little weight. HA!

It does takes some discipline and effort. I usually don't feel like running at first, but once I get down the road and catch a second wind things go better.

What is my goal?

To finish the River Run and not to throw up!

Actually I would like to finish again in the top 1/3 of the runners. I have done that in each of my previous River Runs. So out the door I go.

Five Miles Today.

Just run.

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  1. You of all people CAN do it! Keep running, Forrest Gump would approve :)