Wednesday, September 1, 2010


Our choices determine the quality of our lives. What we chose to think, say, do, go, eat, and repeat are all part of determining our destinies. Every day is a series of choices. Do we chose to begin the day with or without God? Do we chose to have a good attitude or not? Do we chose to get some exercise or not? What will we eat? What will we do? Will we bless or curse others? Will we forgive?

Imagine living in a dark, I mean, totally dark world with no light. Imagine traps and danger points are around with no one to warn or steer in the right direction. Imagine no end to such an existence.

That would not be a very good way to live, but apart from the light of Jesus and His truth that is exactly how people live. Sadly so many are getting beat up and abused as a result.

I cannot tell you the number of people I have counseled through these many years that their choices had brutalized them. Yet, sadly so many continue to make the same type of choices. Amazing!

There is a better way found in Christ. He is The Light of the world. His truth sets us free to live and enjoy life abundantly. I have never found one person who was a true, serious follower of Christ who lived a life of regret, shame, or brokenness. Jesus is The Life Giver.

It is a matter of choice. Choosing Christ is the best choice I have ever made. Oh, He has been so good to me.

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