Monday, September 6, 2010


I like holidays. They are acceptable times to take a break and celebrate. Christmas is my favorite. Then comes Easter. I love July 4. And Thanksgiving is great. I love turkey and dressing and pumpkin pie!

Today is another National Holiday when we move past summer vacations, start school, and get into another work year. It is kinda funny that on Labor Day we all take off from work, but that is what a holiday offers--a break!

Work with purpose leaves a feeling of accomplishment. Some of the most boring, burdened people I have ever been around are lazy folks who are sluggards or bums. They don't have purpose and they don't have a plan. Not good.

Work is good. Fulfilling labor adds to life.

But my favorite work is the work of the Lord. It has eternal purpose. I love preaching, teaching, praying, celebrating victories and blessings, comforting the broken, and planning major attacks on the devil, the enemy of our souls.

This coming year will be forty years of working fulltime for our Lord for me. Here is my plan. I plan on working for Him until He comes or I go to be with Him.


Because working for Him is all that matters. His retirment plan is incredible. The joy is endless. The reward is beyond comprehension.

Today, I celebrate Labor Day. Oh, I will do some work for Him today. He pays double time when we sacrifice for Him and others. Every day is labor day for Him.

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