Friday, September 24, 2010


It seems I spend over half of my time with preparation. It takes hours. I don't mean just getting dressed and ready for the day, but that does take loads of time too. Admittedly, it is easier as a man to dress for the day than it is for a woman, but it still takes time. Shave, bathe, throw on some clothes, and out the door I go.

But I prepare to teach, preach, lead church services, minister at sickness and death situations, mentor and train leaders, perform weddings, dedicate babies, counsel, and lead all kinds of church activities.

And writing, takes preparation.

And motorcycling takes preparation.

And yard work and house maintenance and cleaning takes preparation.

And taking trips takes preparation.

And doing menial tasks requires preparation.

And I prepare to be as good of a husband, father, and citizen as I can be.

You can't even go to Walmart without preparing a list.


That is the nature of life. We have to prepare to live.

But, here is the most vital preparation. It is the soul preparation. It is getting ready to meet God face to face. One day, I will see Jesus face to face. I have served Him all of my life and never visibly seen Him. When I do, I want to be prepared.

I am preparing. I am covered by His blood. I am saved by His grace. I am preaching His Gospel and getting as many as I can to go with me. I am preparing. I am getting ready.

Preparing to see Him is a passion.

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