Friday, September 10, 2010


This blog is dedicated to appealing to the higher good in life. I wrote for well over a year on Kristy's blog and then created this blog as a means of sharing from my heart and life. It is a different blog than Kristy's, but it is what I am to share.

I haven't written much recently about Wanda and me. My ramblings have been varied and zoomed through all kinds of topics. Some were personal and informative, but most posts have been more about what I felt inclined to write to appeal to inspire a higher good in others.

Yet, some have expressed a desire for a more personal approach in my writing sharing about my new life and new wife.

Second marriages are unique, especially at this time in our lives. We are older and hopefully know more than we did as we began our first marriages. Children are grown and gone, and now there are grandkids. Careers and calling are established and full. We are not broke and wondering if we can ever have our own home. Goals and dreams are still motivating, and there is much to do.

So, how is the second marriage doing?

Incredibly well and amazingly blessed.

Only God could be two people together as He did Wanda and me. She has stepped to the plate and hit a home run as a wife and partner in ministry.

Wanda and I have so much in common but there are enough differences to make it interesting and to complete each other. After all, men and women are different, and thank God for the differences as my Dad always says.

Yes this marriage is different and we're on a learning curve, but we are having a ball. There are moments of reflection and times of question as it relates to our individual losses of mates. But, we have chosen to remember, give thanks, accept God's providence, and go forward. That is a choice, and with His help that is exactly what we are doing.

God spoke to me not too long after Kristy passed and told me early one morning as I awakened that Wanda is the one that He had for me. He said that she would bless me and bless my children and that I would bless her and bless her children.

God is good and God is right. He is faithful too.

How are Wanda and I doing?

We're blessed.


My blog posts this week were written before this week began as I took this week off in a prayer retreat with God. I am determined to know Him more and do His will.

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