Friday, September 17, 2010


Last week as Wanda and I spent time to wait on the Lord and prayer, I relearned a valuable lesson. I know that I knew this, but the Lord brought it to my attention again in a very specific way.

Here is the lesson:

Don't talk, just listen.

Most prayer is talking on our part and the Lord does a lot of listening. Thank God that He does listen, but I wonder how often He would just like for us to be quiet, quit talking, finish with rabbit trail praying, and listen.

That is not as easy as it made appear.

When was the last time you prayed, and didn't say a word. Is that really praying, well it is if you truly believe prayer is a two way communication.

So, I quit talking. He knew everything about me anyhow. I just stopped talking and begin to listen. At first, I will admit it was awkward, but my mind got still and I begin to hear His voice.
He spoke. I listened. I am going to do more of that kind of praying. Oh, I will talk to Him and expressed my love and share my needs.

But I plan on listening more.

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  1. Your thoughts on prayer are a blessing. Thank you for sharing.