Wednesday, September 22, 2010


For over two years I have enjoyed my MacBook and Iphone being connected to transfer vital info over the Internet through what is called MobileMe. It is a system where information is transferred to and from my computers and Iphones and stored in the Internet in what Apple calls a "cloud".

It is really neat to have all of this information (phone numbers, names and addresses, emails, notes, and other stuff) transferred without connecting a wire or doing anything. It just happens. All this information goes to the other computers regardless of which computer or Iphone I enter it. Wow! That is neat, easy, and effortless.

At least, while it works. The good news is that it has always worked until just recently. I am getting that repaired and it will work again. I love it.

But here is the point!

Connections with God never go lacking, that is unless I break the connection. He never fails. He always gets info right. He transfers what I need. It always works.

MobileMe is a great invention.

MobileGod is better!

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