Wednesday, January 13, 2010


New things are not always easy to do, adjust, and accept as norm. But all of us need to be open to new things, new ways of doing things, and better ways of normal functioning.

I enjoy faster, cheaper, and more effective ways of communication.

I'm glad that we're far beyond horse and buggy days.

I like all the different ways I can use my high definition TV.

Boredom comes from doing the same thing over and over in the same way. Different colors and styles in dress, and different hairdos, and different recipes, and different scenery all add spice to life and perk things up. Sometimes we need to add a new approach to prayer, Bible study, ministry, and even marriage relationships.

I'm trying something new. In fact I'm trying several new things. Can't list them all, but one is drinking coffee without sweetener. I like my coffee black and really sweet, but it's all black for now. It's stronger, bolder, and my palette is slowly adjusting to this new taste, but I'm beginning to like it.

Why this change? I'm leaving off sugars and sweeteners and going for a healthier approach.

Oh, and I'm trying something new.

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