Monday, January 4, 2010


We're back home and ready to get into the groove for 2010. The Christmas Holidays have been great as we have have five different Christmas celebrations with our family and even more with our church family and friends. Actually, I have one stop yet to make in celebrating Christmas this year and that will be with my parents. That will happen in the next couple of weeks or so. Christmas isn't quite over yet at our house, I guess.

Wanda plans on getting our 11 Christmas trees down in the next couple of days as well as all the Christmas decorations. It will not be looking like Christmas here shortly. I will miss it. This has been a most wonderful Christmas Season.

So what will 2010 hold? God knows and that is why I am taking time to prioritize prayerfully for 2010. What is it that the Lord has for me that is new? What should I change, or add, or stop doing? All those are valid questions in annual goal setting.

My prayer is that His will be done in my life and in my home and in my family. I want His will done and I want to finish 2010 with Him being pleased with my efforts for His cause.

I have encouraged one goal for 2010 for my church family, and that is to do one thing each day that has significance. Of course we can do may things each day that has value, but wouldn't it be great to look back at 2010, if Jesus tarries and He gives us a full year, and then know that we have accomplished 365 significant things? I think that is a noble and worthy goal.

So, what is your primary goal for 2010?

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