Wednesday, January 27, 2010


One of the highlights of my day is our morning family devotions. Wanda and have gone through two devotional books for couples and now we are into a third devotional book that isn't couple focused. They are all good books and have blessed our marriage and lives.

Typically after a delicious breakfast which Wanda prepares, with some help from me, then I read from the devotional book. After a few brief moments of discussion and reflection, we join hands and pray.

I take the lead and pray for Wanda and the needs she may have. I pray for God's blessing over her and for His strength, wisdom, and guidance for all she does. I pray for personal renewal in my life and ask God for His direction and help. Then we turn our thoughts in prayer to our children, grandchildren, parents, siblings, and church family. We pray for our Nation and President and our next door neighbors. We pray for missionaries that we support and for others that God puts into our hearts.

After beginning the day with acknowledging God and worshipping Him and asking for His help, then we are ready for the day to go forward. Our devotions unite us as a couple and prepare us for the rigors of life, ministry, and everyday issues.

Family prayer is still the glue that holds families together. When we join hands in prayer, it unites our hearts in pure and powerful ways. Prayer works. It is working in our lives.

Do you know where I learned to have family prayer?

Glad you asked.

My parents taught me to pray in family prayer as I grew up.

Do you know where my parents learned about family prayer?


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