Friday, January 15, 2010


Prayer makes things happen because God answers prayer.

Once, years ago, I called my father late at night when I was in college and was worried about college life. Apparently I woke him up from deep, sound sleep as it was well after midnight when I called.

He patiently listened to my needs and request for prayer and then asked me if I had prayed about the matter. Sadly, I admitted I hadn't prayed. All I had done was worry and fret. Dad prayed with me and then kindly suggested that I spend some time in the prayer effort.

That made an impact on me. I wanted others to pray about my need, but I had not put any effort to pray. I don't even remember now what the need was, but I do remember realizing that I needed to put effort in prayer. Sadly, many people think more about prayer and wanting others to pray than they actually spend in prayer themselves. That was my mistake.

That gentle nudge by Dad convicted me and changed me. My prayer life was never quite the same. Certainly we do need the prayers of family, friends, and the church, but we need to pray too.

So, what is it that you are worrying about? Have YOU prayed about it. Or are you as guilty as I was in wanting others to pray but not spending personal time praying over the need.

Well, here is the nudge. Make it happen now. Go to God now with your need. He can really make it happen.

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