Friday, January 22, 2010


For over fifteen years Mike and Dana Hammontree have led the music and worship ministry at Southside Assembly of God where I serve as pastor. They are outstanding talents and have used their gifts to glorify the Lord. Gifted, inspiring, and anointed are a few words that describe them.

But the word that I like to use to describe them most is friend. They are great friends. I have thoroughly enjoyed ministering with them and being their pastor, but those relationships fall second to the fact that there are my friends.

Over the seven years that I have had the privilege of working with them, we have never had one harsh word or major disagreement. They have honored me, respected me, and stood with me in the darkest days of my life. I will forever be grateful for their kindness to me.

This Sunday will be their last day of ministry with us as they are now moving toward a broadened traveling ministry in many churches to an even large audience. It will be a sad service in one way, but in another it will be a day of rejoicing. We will miss them as they go, but we will also be happy knowing that they are following God's direction. We will rejoice and be thankful for the tireless and sacrificial way they have served. We know that God is going to use them in an even greater ministry.

Their boys, Chad and Chase, have grown up at Southside. They are now fine young men have have helped their parents, their church, and their pastor too. I am very proud of them and what God is doing in their lives.

Great friends are not easy to find so I plan on working to keep the friendship with the Hammontree's alive and growing.


  1. We wish Mike, Dana, and family God's blessings in their new venture. Great talented Family.