Friday, October 23, 2009


I have witnessed numerous car accidents through my many years of driving. For twelve years of my ministry I was in mobile ministries requiring driving all over the South. Once on I-75, I watched a car pass me going over 80 mph and then begin rolling over and over. Twice I saw the undercarriage of the vehicle as the car rolled in front of me.
I thought passengers would come flying out of the car as one of them literally had his legs hanging out the back window. Amazingly, I passed it to its left and watched it roll the third time. No one flew out of the car. It was wild.

Wednesday as we traveled, a car some 50 yards or so in front me flew off the interstate and crashed into a tree right in front of me. The driver had fallen asleep. As I screeched to a halt and ran to car, it was smoking and looked like it would explode into flames. It didn't, but a mother came screaming out of the vehicle saying her baby was in the back seat. We got it out and she had bumps and cuts and they were all in shock.

I prayed over the infant and calmed the mother. It was a scary few moments but thankfully turned out OK. It just shows that accidents can happen in a moment. They were tired and had struggled to stay awake. It almost cost their lives.

I pray often when driving and give thanks to God for a safe return home. Prayer helps on Goldwings too.

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  1. wow...when i read brings to mind the people who died in car accidents. God bless their souls...

    thannk you for reminding us Mr. Dykes that something as horrible as this can have meaning in our lives...thank you

    Zachary, 17, Federated States of Micronesia