Friday, October 9, 2009


I am enjoying riding my Goldwing immensely. It is a needed outlet that helps refresh my mind and is a hobby of sort. Yet, I know it comes with risk.

To be plainly honest about it, I never, ever, ever expected to ride a motorcycle. The thought of it scared me and I didn't plan on risking my neck to simply get a little "fresh air." But things change, and our attitudes and feelings about things change. So here I am riding a motorcycle in the "big" city. I even scoffed at those I knew who rode, and boy, have I eaten those words. There is a lesson on not ridiculing others in this short story too.

Here is the goal. I ride for enjoyment, within the speed limit, not pushing any threshold of thrill seeking danger, within my skill level, and giving continuous attention to caution. Prudence is the better part of wisdom and that carries over into motorcycling. I know some would say the to be prudent would mean staying off the bike, but that is no fun.

From the first when I purchased my Goldwing, I rode and rode in a church parking lot for several weeks to increase my skill level before I ventured out on the road. Then, I rode in my neighborhood for another period of weeks before getting out on the open rode. Then I took it slow and easy in short runs away from traffic.

Actually, I laid the Goldwing over the first day I rode in the church parking lot. I came to one of those wobbly stops that new motorcyclist do and the weight of it got away from me. It went over on its side, all 800 pounds of it. I almost cried because I thought I had ruined my just purchased Goldwing. I was such a novice that I didn't realize that it had pegs on each side that kept the motorcycle from getting damaged when it lays over. Whew! Was I ever thankful!

Accidents happen in life in many and various forms, but precaution before riding and continuous caution while riding minimizes the possibilities of having an accident. Oh, and lots of prayer helps too.

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