Monday, October 26, 2009


Is it possible that the Creator of the Universe watches football?

He is a really big God and watches over all of us. His ways and understanding are so far beyond our puny minds to comprehend, and I know that. However, after watching Saturday's football game between Alabama and Tennessee, I just have to believe that He might have attended that game.

He had to be sitting on the Alabama side and helped that huge 6' 5" 365 lb. Alabama defensive lineman Mount Corey block two, yes I said two, field goals to win the game for Alabama. I don't ever remember watching a team block two field goals in one game, but it happened Saturday.

Probably "The Bear" suggested that God send an angel to give that big lineman an extra push. I am sure that is what happened. You know, God does use angels to work miracles.

Lest you think God plays favorites, maybe He will help the Vols next game, but I'm glad He was sitting on the Alabama sidelines this past Saturday.

Oh, maybe He'll attend an FSU game soon to help Brother Bobby over in Tallahassee. He seems to need a little help this year.


  1. They will need a lot help when they meet the Gators. You did a great Job at Sis Jackson funeral.

  2. I don't want to dampen your spirits about Alabama being the winner. However, Mount Corey committed a violation of rules when he yanked his helmet off and began celebrating (which the Bear would not allowed) before the play had ended. Had the official called it and assessed a penalty it could have been different.