Wednesday, October 21, 2009


Family is the best history and family reunions are one great way to keep up to date. All of us, and I mean all, come from the same family tree. There is one initial tree from Adam and Eve, and we all go back to “The Garden”.

But the family has many branches and our family branch on the Dykes' side got together on Tuesday for a family update. It has been three years since I was at the last one and lots of changes have occurred.

It is fun to get the updates on who is where and what everyone is doing. My generation is producing more and more grandkids who are now finding their places as teachers, doctors, business people, and thankfully great Christians of faith. That last part is what matters the most.

I love the picture of five little boy cousins born the same year 60 years ago. Three are preachers. One is a businessman and one is a teacher. Can you tell which one is me? Look close. I am the last one on the far right.

We took the current picture of the five cousins at our reunion with Ky Adams in Newfoundland live on Skype in the picture above the four cousins present. We have all grown up and changed. We were four years old when this picture was taken. Now we’re all sixty. Wow! Where did the time go?

Max and Darlene along with Mom and Dad were present from our immediate family. I enjoyed introducing Wanda to many who had not met her. It was a great time getting updates on family history. What fun!

Only wish more could have come. Some have gone on to heaven and are waiting for us to cross to the other side. Life in this world passes quickly. Make every day count.

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  1. Thanks for the pictures of our cousins. Wish I could have been there.
    You should put a picture of you guys in your cowboy clothes playing cowboys at Grannies'.
    We had so much fun when the family gathered in Andalusia at Grannie Dykes home. Remember the really big tree we climbed under to hide, the little house with the printing press, the big flower garden, the yummy pound cake and on and on.....

    Love you,

    Norma (Sis)