Monday, October 5, 2009


When you feel the nudging of the Lord to pray, just pray.

Sunday I shared a sermon encouraging people to partner with God to see miracles. A miracle is a supernatural intervention of God into the daily affairs of humans. God works miracles today and He wants us to partner with Him. That was the main essence of my sermon.

After church, a family stood with tears and shared God's mercy this week in their lives. The grandmother had felt a strong impression to pray for her daughter and grandson before she left for the day. She prayed for their protection and God's covering over their lives. Later the little grandson, a good little guy, but a busy active little guy, got their extender saw and lifted it into the air in the back yard where a major power lines runs up in the air across the yard. It connected with the power line. Miraculously, amazingly he was not electrocuted or shocked even though sparks and smoke flew. The mother was spared trying to help.

What is the lesson? Just pray.

When you feel impressed and nudged by the Holy Spirit, just pray. The grandparents stood with tears and still shaking somewhat at this near fatal accident. God heard her prayer for protection for her grandson and daughter. The grandmother was so thankful that she had obeyed the prompting of God to intercede for her family.

Now what is the lesson?

Just pray.


  1. Wow! God is so good! Thanks for the reminder not to be too busy to listen to God's gentle voice.
    april gordon

  2. this is so beautiful. its amazing what can happen just because someone says "watch over them Lord"

    its truly amazing

    Zachary, 17, Federated States of Micronesia

  3. Gods hands are a great place to be. He is so good!