Friday, October 16, 2009


Wanda and I were having lunch yesterday, and I got a text from Jennifer in Puerto Rico. She said that she was getting a pair of socks out of her sock drawer and found a pair of her mother's socks that Kristy had given her. It was another jolting moment of loss, and Jennifer again asked, "Why?"

I responded, "Trust Jesus. I don't have the answer, but your Mom trusted Him and we will too."

Today is Jim's, Wanda's first husband, birthday. It is still a tender time for her. He was a great man and is missed too.

But we have learned to trust and go forward. God is helping us and our families, but we still have some touching moments.

Sometimes the moment is just socks.


  1. Well written, Pastor Dykes. The void will always be there.

  2. My moment was cleaning out a box to use for something at church and finding the pictures of my mom we had used for a video at her funeral last year. The tears did pore...