Wednesday, October 7, 2009


Wanda and my daughters gave me headsets for our new helmets for our Goldwing motorcycle. With the headsets, Wanda and I can talk easily while riding without having to holler at each other. Most of the time we cannot communicate at all so Wanda sits on the back praying. At least that is what she said she did.

The three primary problems in marriage boil down to sexual issues, communication issues, and financial issues. After years of counseling, I have come to the conclusion that communication is the biggest problem couples face. There have been times I have rated financial issues as the top issues and at other times I have placed sexual problems as the primary problem.

However, poor communication or no communication complicates sexual or financial problems and now, at least in mind mind, seems to be the biggest dilemma in marriage.

What causes poor communication?

There are many causes but it really boils down to talking and listening. I know that seems to be the obvious, but if no one talks or no one listens then there cannot be communication. Honest, kind, frank, and loving discussions are vital and necessary for good communication. Too many couples assume they are being understood or are understanding. Assumed communications can be dangerous communications.

Talking and listening are the beginning of great communication. Wanda and I now have a clear line of communication on our Goldwing. Thankfully, we have an even better line of communication in life. We have a established clear line where we talk and listen. Sometimes what we hear is not necessarily what is being said. We need to listen and ask questions if we are not sure what is being said. That makes everything go better.


  1. I'm sorry...could you repeat that? I wasn't listening. Just kidding! I always enjoy your posts.

    I am so thankful for a husband who communicates so easily and effectively. And who really listens. He likes to tell me, "I cherish you," and these are ways that he demonstrates that.

    april gordon

  2. Hi Dad! I think of you all the time. I sure do miss you. I wish you guys and Jennifer and her family all lived closer. It sure would be nice to be able to get together for dinner once every week or two!
    I hope you have a great day today. I think of you and pray for you throughout the day everyday. I'm so thankful for you and for my family. I am so blessed that I was given such wonderful parents. Parents who loved me and took such good care of me. I realize all of the sacrifices you and Mom made for me through my life and I am so thankful. I love you... --Julie