Friday, July 24, 2009


Have you ever lost your car in a mall parking lot? 

What about in an airport parking lot? 

What about a major Florida theme park?

Wanda and I recently walked around in the Sea World parking lot for about 30-40 minutes trying to find our car. I had begun to believe it was stolen. We looked and looked and looked. As we arrived to enjoy our visit,  I can tell you that we looked at the poles that mark the parking lot and called out loud E-23. I said E for Eugene, my middle name and 23. But I was wrong on the row 23 and it was much farther out on isle 21 where it actually was parked. 

We walked and walked and walked. It was hot and we were tired and it wasn't fun. It wasn't funny, but the funny thing was we weren't the only ones looking for cars. I heard several other people say out loud the same thing I was thinking about our car. 

"It must be stolen," they all kept saying. There were a number of folks who had lost their cars too. 

How do grown up people lose cars? You would think our brains would work better than that, but they don't.

Well, I have solved the problem. I downloaded a program on my Iphone that will lead me back to my vehicle no matter where I park it. I guess I am going totally brain dead. I need an Iphone to get back to my car?

Can't find my way back to my car without an Iphone. Don't laugh. I bet you have lost a car too. We are all brain dead.

I need this vacation.

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  1. Yes, we've lost a car and wow! I think I need that program! What is the app called, Milton? I'd love to have it for my iPhone (which I love, by the way!) Always enjoy your blog!