Monday, July 20, 2009


Tomorrow has many possibilities. It is future. It is dream yet to be. It is also a date that has memory of amazing blessings. 

Tomorrow will be one year exactly since my first wife Kristy passed. What more can be said? What more can I write? 

I can tell you that the memory of Kristy lives on in so many ways and in so many hearts. I can tell you that her love still reaches out and blesses so many people. How do you honor one so loved? 

What would Kristy desire her children and me as well as others to do to remember her?

For me the answer is simple yet hard. She would want us to go forward and live to give glory to God. She would want us to celebrate the joys, blessings, and amazing fruitfulness of her life. She pushed me and prepared me for my future without her, and by His grace and strength, I am going forward with my life.

Go back and read her writings on her blog,,  before she was diagnosed with the GBM brain tumor. She lived, loved, laughed, and let God work His will in her life. What she had lived and preached she lived and practiced in her death.

I am comforted as I face tomorrow, July 21, the one year anniversary of her passing, that she is well in heaven and pushing heaven's work force to get with it and get it done. She never waited, procrastinated, or withheld any good thing. Heaven will be competed ahead of schedule because Kristy is there.

I am grateful to God, my girls, my precious extended family, and to Wanda for the comfort and love they have shown me. Wanda is amazing. She is a gift of God to me. We have much to do for Christ before our journeys are completed. Kristy's selfless love and spiritual revelation prepared me and my girls for the incredible lady God has given me to walk the remainder of my life toward heaven. 

Please pray for my girls and grands tomorrow. They miss their mother so badly. I know we will make it, but we still need your prayers. 

God is so good. He gives us tomorrow.

Tomorrow, we will go forward.  


  1. You all have been on my heart. I couldn't remember the exact date, but I knew it was coming. May your daughters and grands and you all feel an extra portion of God's love and grace tomorrow and the days to follow. God is soooo faithful!

    In Christ,
    Chico CA

  2. My prayers are with you and your family today. May the Lord keep your minds peaceful and full of joy in the midst of any turmoil or pain that may come against the truth that you all know has been revealed to you by His Spirit.

  3. Celebrating Kristy's life today. I still miss her but know that she is having an amazing time in heaven.

    I hope you and Wanda have an amazing day do fun stuff.

    By the way...didn't you mean to say "selfless love" in this post?

    Love you,

    Sis (Norma)