Friday, July 10, 2009


Our blended family is enjoying our first summer. Each of the grands have been here for a few days but Jennifer's littles, Claudia and Lorenzo. They were here for our wedding, but we won't get to see them this summer. 

Cole and Paige are here and we're off to the Zoo, beach, and other children friendly places. They sure make their new papa feel great. When we get to see them, they always run to me.  Wanda has been very gracious about all this since they are her son's kiddies, but I have gotten a real kick out of it. My grands just adore Wanda. We blending tighter as time passes. 

Here is a picture we made a few months back. You can tell that they really are into their new papa. We just ridin' the ole trail again. 

Just a bunch a cowboys and cowgirls!

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  1. Playing cowboys again...I remember when you played cowboys with your cousins at Granny's house. The cap pistols were smokin'....!

    Your hat fit better back then!

    Sis (Norma)