Friday, July 17, 2009


Wanda and I are away for a few days R&R. We enjoyed staying at the Gaylord Palms Resort in Orlando for a few nights thanks to a special discount. It is a luxurious resort, but it was just about empty the whole time of our stay. It will hold several thousand guests as it is a convention center also, but everyone was gone!

That is the big fish that I caught in the lake in the middle of the huge atrium just outside our hotel room. Took me hours and hours to reel him into the boat. Aw shucks, just kidding, but I did catch a hammerhead shark that big years ago in the Gulf of Mexico. It does make for an easy photo op, doesn't it?

The first night we had grands and Julie, but the next couple of nights it was quiet, quiet, quiet, and more quiet. Grands were gone and nobody was in the place. It was like a ghost town as it is a huge place with no one there but us and a few other people. Mostly it was empty.

Grands are fun, and we hated to see them go but it was nice to see them get into their parents vehicles and hit the trail. Sounds kinda contradictory?

We went swimming at 12 PM two nights and slept late. Wow! What fun.

Next week it is a get-a-way on my first cruise. We're headed South. Way South of the border. 

Jesus got-a-way and sailed on a boat a few times to do it. We're going to do it just like Jesus!

Like the boat below? It was just below our room at the Palms, and the is the one I used to catch the big fish above. Oops, another big one. Sorry. It was a wonderful time at the Palms. 

God is good.

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