Wednesday, July 15, 2009


Losing a family pet is not easy especially when you really love the pet and it is unexpected. Jennifer and her kiddies lost their little Gia due to getting hit by a car earlier this week. 

Gia was a cross between a miniature greyhound and a chihuahua. She was a well tempered house dog that had been Jennifer's pet and now her kiddies for a number of years. 

Pets are not my favorite things, but Gia was a good dog and lots of fun. She would playfully pull at me to scratch her and I always enjoyed her when visiting with Jennifer and the kiddies. 

Her is a picture of her and the kiddies I took at Christmas. Gia was always right in the middle of things enjoying family stuff.
Jennifer and her family have had a tough time dealing with her loss. When you lose something special, it hurts.

Does Jesus care about doggies? He must. He cared about sparrows and lilies. He surely cares about doggies.

Goodbye Gia. You were a very good doggy. 

Dear Lord, please comfort Jennifer and her little kiddies in their loss. Thank you for making a bad hurt better. Amen.

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  1. My heart and prayers go out to Jennifer and the kids for we have a minnature yorkie (our baby) and I soo do not look forward to the day he has to leave us.

    Hugs to them all
    Kevin & Tamatha Jones