Monday, July 27, 2009


We're back home! 


Wanda and I just experienced one of the greatest times of our lives vacationing in the Western Caribbean on the Valor, a Carnival Cruise Ship.

We ate, snorkeled, ate, visited Mayan Temple ruins, ate, played ping pong, ate, rode a moped, ate, took a river cruise, ate, shopped, ate, enjoyed evening entertainment, ate, listened to a speech on good eating habits, ate, shopped, ate, made new friends, ate, and ate, and ate!

We didn't gamble, drink, smoke, chew, get a hang over, or do anything foolish. Well, we did eat a lot.

We shared our faith. Prayed with some who had needs, and let our lights shine.

We're rested, ready to work, and excited to reach forward to our destiny and future. 

I didn't get to post  comments last week due to being out of the country, but comments from last week have been posted and will continued to  be posted daily on this blog.

I will include more vacation pictures on Wednesday and share about our cruise. 

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