Monday, July 6, 2009


I was sitting in my car in the Publix parking lot waiting on Wanda. We had made a brief stop and she ran in the store for a couple of items. Normally I would have gone in with her, but this was just to get drinks to take to a July 4th party.

That is when I saw them.

Walking side by side they were both holding onto a shopping cart and moving  very slowly. It was almost but not quite a Tim Conway shuffle. It was an older couple hanging on to their cart stepping ever so slowly toward their car with groceries. She was struggling to make it and he wasn't much stronger. They obviously were in the twilight years of life and both were weakened, but they were hanging in there.

Step by step, I watched them and it overcame me for a moment. It was a picture of life. It was a picture of love. It was a picture of marriage. 

Neither could have made it by themselves, but together they were buying groceries and taking them home. They needed each other and together they pushed the cart.

Love lifted their steps. Mutual support was there goal. Their shopping cart had become their walker, and easily so very gently they made their way back home.

I couldn't help but wipe a tear. I saw love at the grocery store on July 4th. 

It was in the gentle, kind action of two old people in love.


  1. Oh, that is so totally touching. They've weathered a lot of storms together I'm sure. Rachel