Monday, July 13, 2009


We made another trip the Jacksonville Zoo this past Friday and were headed out the gate. Wanda was lagging talking to some strangers as I hurried took the kiddies to the car. I wondered what the reason was for her talking as we had an appointment we were running real close to meeting.

She findly caught up, and said that a lady stopped her and asked her if she was Wanda. "Are you Wanda?"

"Yes," she replied.

"I thought I recognized you in the zoo from some of the blog pictures. I read your husbands blog every day. I don't know how I found it. My husband has cancer and I can't tell you what this blog has meant to me," the lady shared.

I sat next to Wanda amazed at this chance encounter and how that God has taken our brokeness and touched lives far beyond our knowledge.

Kristy shared in her last words spoken in church that God would get glory from all that has happened. God has been faithful to do just that and even more.

God is so good.

Dear Lord, please show this precious family Wanda met at the zoo your love and kindness. Please meet their needs today. Amen.


  1. This has brought tears to my eyes. I have a 27 year old friend, Karie, that has lymphoma throughout her body, has gone into the bones. She doesn't have Jesus in her life and neither does her family. I know that I know that I know that Jesus has a bigger picture in this..your posting today is another good reminder that the Father makes beauty from ashes!

    In Christ,
    Chico CA

  2. Aren't divine appointments fun?

  3. I am the lady that talked with Wanda at the Zoo. I debated about whether to say anything or not, but I thought it was important for you both to know that your lives,stories, heartache have helped other people. As I told Wanda, we have been living with cancer for five years now (he was diagnosed six months after we adopted our little girl from China) but are now dealing with a "terminal" diagnosis as his cancer is now in the lungs, liver, and bones. -As we look at our lives and think about what is "coming" is scary for us. When I read your story and read that God has been present all along....I am reminded again that God is with us. Thank you again. Leslie, Jeff and Isabel (our little one, 6 1/2) Blanton