Wednesday, July 22, 2009


My brain is in neutral. No thinking, just resting.

I know. Some are thinking, "What's new about that?"

Now that is just not nice.

I love my work and calling as a pastor, but it is so mental and carries lots of stress. Wanda's oldest grandson stayed with us a few weeks back and after a few days in our home said that he didn't know that pastors did all the stuff he saw us doing.  Right now my  brain just needs to go into neutral and let God fill in with His goodness. That is my goal for these last days. Just let God fill me up with His goodness and get me ready to pour out again.


We are cruising in the Western Caribbean. I have been all over the Eastern Caribbean, but this will be my first visit to some of the Western parts. We're sleeping on the stern staring at the ship's wake.

Just crusin'. That's all. Just crusin'.


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