Friday, May 29, 2009


Wednesday afternoon I left one of my precious members in hospice who is close to going to heaven. I looked long into his eyes and the 90 plus years he has lived knowing that soon he will be in eternity. Life is precious, short here on earth, but eternal when there is trust in God.

Later that same afternoon I returned home for a while before Wednesday night church and checked on the new birdies that had just hatched in the geranium on our back deck. The mother wren and papa wren go back and forth caring for their little ones. There are five or so of them squirming around with wide open becks needing mother and papa birds care. 

I took a few shot of them hoping that I wouldn't upset them or make the papa or mamma birds angry or fly down on my head. They all seemed to take me being nosey ok and I took these few shots and a video.

Isn't life a miracle? Nature itself reveals the glory of God's handiwork. 

Wanda and I had watched the nest being made and the wrens going back and forth and the little eggs being laid. Each morning we eat breakfast and share devotions and prayer at the table on the back porch overlooking the deck where the geranium sits.  

It takes 13 days from the point of nesting for the eggs to hatch. I don't know how long for the birdies to grow feathers and fly away, but I will be watching and taking a few video's along the way. 

Life is a miracle. God, you are good. You give life.

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  1. THOMBU1 aka chillandchuckle said:
    Amazing! The care of The Father. What a Blessing to see the miracles of everyday life. We all to often are setting our eyes so high to observe the Hand of the Almighty, that we stumble over the miracles He has placed along our paths.
    Check out my new blog Milton. I am a nut at heart, but thats OK if my hearts in the right place, The hands of our Dear Father.
    Love and Blessings, Tom