Wednesday, May 6, 2009


Tuesday morning Wanda and I attended the Memorial Service at our State Denominational Meeting at Calvary Assembly in Winter Park, FL. Julie and Jennifer were there with us along with several other family members. The denomination honors ministers and spouses who have died during the past year.

It was a touching service where a number of ministers and spouses were honored including Kristy. Kristy served for 27 years in this state and another 10 years in Alabama and across the South and Nation mentoring pastor's wives and touching untold lives through her teaching, writing, and faithful service. 

I stood along with Wanda, my daughters, and other family members present as they showed her picture in a the large video screen in this church seating 6,000 or so. We had preached there several times in the past which brought up 

I took a picture of the girls during the service of the holding Kristy's rose they gave me in her honor. As the service progressed Jennifer gave me a note that said, "She is dancing with Jesus." We chose to celebrate Kristy's life and the wonderful work she did all those years for Christ. She is dancing with Jesus and has obtained her reward.
Rev. Malcolm Burliegh a close minister friend and pastor brought the memorial message and referred to Kristy along with several of the others who were honored. His words spoke to all of us but I felt really made a point of impact on Julie and Jennifer to take their Mom's torch and go forward with purpose to honor Christ.

Many of our dear friends offered love and comfort to me and my daughters. A rose was given to each family in their love ones honor and Wanda got an extra one after the service so each of my daughters could have a rose. 

I was blessed to have Wanda there to comfort my daughters and me. God told Kristy who we needed in our lives. We need Wanda. That was Kristy's way. She lived to bless others. 

Wanda sat in this same church five years ago as her first husband, Jim, was honored in a similar memorial service. Wanda uniquely understood what we were feeling and how to go forward. Through it all, God is our comfort and strength.

God is good.

Look closely at the picture below. They put a random shot of Julie up on the screen just as I took this picture. 



  1. It still is surreal that you would be attending a tribute service for Kristy. Knowing that Kristy is very much alive and living a life that stretches our imagination brings comfort and peace to me.
    Thank you, Wanda, for loving Milton!!


  2. I hope you're not going to start posting about sex again.

  3. May God continue to bless you all and keep you from sorrows. May He grant comfort and joy to you and yours. Kristy was and will always be a wonderful lady and I am sure she was looking down with pride on you all.

  4. No, but there is such a need for godly, good people to show the world that the best way to enjoy sex is in the bonds of marriage.

    Kristy wrote a lot about sexual fulfillment in marriage. Read Song of Solomon and it will open your eyes about what God publicly has to say about sex.

    Read the Bible and see in its pages the joy of sex, or would you have rathered that God had not written about sex too?

    Milton Dykes