Friday, May 22, 2009


Our backyard is being swarmed by birds and robbed by raccoons. We have had several days of wind and rain and the double bird feeder blew over during the night. That exposed the bird seed to new critters who are now having fun robbing seed that just doesn't belong to them.

I love watching the redbirds, wrens, woodpeckers, doves, and other birds fly to and from our bird feeder early in the morning and later in the evening when I am home. Wanda and I eat more often than not on the back porch or deck enjoying the sights and sounds of birds.

Now the bird feeders are pulled over and down by the varmints stealing the bird seed. I have a few pictures and a video of their antics. The first time I caught one of them the raccoon fled over the backyard fence just at my voice.

The next time he did too. Then next time I clapped my hands and he ran. The next time I yelled and he just starred. Finally the little critter wouldn't leave unless I ran down from the deck to literally make him leave. Yelling and clapping hands didn't work anymore.

Anybody got any ideas about how to get rid of a raccoon herd in my back yard? Some may love raccoon over birds, but they eat all the seed in one or two sittings and leave nothing for the birds. Now that isn't very nice. Besides the birds are so colorful and I enjoy their music.

I thought about a BB gun. Now ladies don't write any nasty notes. I am not going to do that, but I may borrow a trapping cage to catch them and relocate them to another part of Duvall County. Maybe there is so kind of spray to get rid of them. 

All I want is to enjoy the back yard and not be bothered by the little rascals! 

Birds or raccoons? What is your choice?


  1. Birds!! I have a major raccoon problem. Hope all is well. Still praying for you and your family.

    Samantha Kirby (Stanfield)

  2. Keep the animal control, or a trapper to get rid of the raccoons. They will relocate them as long as they don't have any babies. About 2 years ago raccoons manage to dig a hole in our church roof. They nested right above the Pastor's office, which is right next to the Sanctuary. We were always concerned they would get into the church & tear it up looking for food. Because of the babies, it's against the law to remove them. We had to wait weeks till the babies moved out of the nest. We quickly patched the roof & they never came back.

  3. Milton, Son, when I was growing up back in the early 20th century we would have trapped the varmints and cut their tails off. That way you could be rid of them for good. That is if you cut their tails off close behind their ears.

    Back in those days it was a remedy for stopping fighting cats from howling all night and keeping you awake.

    No, no, no, we didn't do it........just thought about it. :-)
    I'm just kidding! Please, don't anyone report me to the ASPCA. Thanks!

    Love ya,


  4. God's garbage eaters!! Good luck with that...I think they are too cute.

  5. Oh, dear! Uncle Oscar, you scared me to death! LOL!!! Too funny!

    I think racoons are cute, but the birds would be better friends to keep around.


  6. My husband gives two thumbs up to the BB Gun. He's a country boy from a little place called Antlers, OK.


  7. You do know your neighbor, Tom, feeds the racoons and has families of them in his yard! I'm all for the BB gun.

    Your other neighbor,

  8. My husband and father have caught them by trapping them many, many times....and then, they'd take them to the forest 5 miles away...and let them go. That always worked for us! I just don't care for the barn swallows which (every year) come back and build nests on our beautiful front porch! We've tried everything to keep them away, and I do mean everything!!!!!

  9. Racoons are cute creatures but can wreak havoc.
    We had one to come through the pet door from the deck and on to the porch to eat the cat's food. Our inside dogs would go nuts about 4:00 every morning. The racoon could have had those 2 for breakfast,( miniature dachshund and a Jack Russell.) He outsmarted us for 3 nights with the trap but we finally won and relocated him to woods far from our house. If you are trapping him yourself be very careful because
    he-she will be very angry and can grab you through the cage. Janice Sparks

  10. You should absolutely trap the critters. Racoons are not nice. I wouldn't feel bad to put a BB in their rear, just to scare them off, if necessary.

    We had one in our attic several years ago. Borrowed a trap from a friend and trapped the little stinker. We took him to an arboretum and let him loose. They love peanut butter and oreo cookies.

  11. Birds are the most beautiful choir on earth.

  12. Our neighbor told us last week that he had noticed raccoon droppings in his yard. He couldn't figure out where they were coming from. One night he decided to keep a close eye on his patio door, and he saw this raccoon dropping from the edge of our roof to his fence. I have no idea why he liked our roof (it's 3 mos. old, so I hope he wasn't chewing on it!), but the neighbor trapped him and took him out to the woods to drop him off.

    Traps do work!

  13. Well, have you fixed the problem? I would say to try a BB gun. But won't they just keep coming back when you're not around? I'd try calling animal control. Maybe they could trap them and relocate them?

    I hope they don't scare the birds away. Your yard is such a nice haven for them!