Wednesday, May 13, 2009


Mother's Day in Jacksonville offers a wonderful concert at the Jacksonville Beach Pavilion presented by the Jacksonville Symphonic Orchestra. I have gone every year except last year since moving to Jacksonville.
It is a leisurely evening of sitting in the open in lawn chairs, snacking, and soaking in the soothing, soft music. 

When I was a teenager in high school I played trumpet in the marching band and symphonic band and really love all forms of music. I like music from the Gaither's and Southern Gospel to classical and then to blue grass, and even some other forms. 

God gave us music which blesses the soul and encourages the heart. Music in heaven will be loud so you better pack ear plugs if you get nervous with today's music. Of course, music loud enough to do damage to one's ear drums isn't very helpful or soothing.

I read the instructions for the Iphone I bought a few months back and was intrigued by the liability disclaimer that filled several pages of the user guide that warned of hearing loss due to listening to sounds too loud. They were covering their liability responsibilities from people who would listen to music so loud that they would experience hearing loss. 

Well, anyhow the concert was good, not too loud, and comforting to the soul. Wanda and I made sandwiches, took chips and cheese, and some cookies and had a wonderful evening.

The best part was that the concert was free. 

Did you know that free is better than cheap? 

Enjoy the short concert video clip below.

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