Wednesday, May 20, 2009


I am very excited about the renovations in our church facilities at Southside Assembly where I served as senior pastor. We have spent last year working on the roof, air conditioning, moving interior walls, painting exterior and interior walls, totally re-carpeting, improving sanctuary sound and lighting, foyer redecoration, and on the list of improvements could go.

The facilities look great and the improvements continue. One of our families suggested portraits of Christ to be hung in our new church foyer and 
made a donation of the first two portraits. They encouraged others to join in and now there are 15 portraits donated.

Each portrait gives a beautiful reminder of the love and grace of Christ as He came into the world, lived, ministered, died on the Cross for our sins, rose from the grave, ascended into heaven, and now sits at  the right hand of His Father to make intercession for us. 

His awesome love is beyond comprehension. He loves and reaches out today to show His amazing kindness and grace. These portraits are a reminder of His faithfulness to us.

All the the portraits were donated in the memory of beloved family members who have preceded us in heaven. Wanda and I gave a portrait of Christ with the children in honor of our first spouses, Kristy and Jim. They will be remembered, but more importantly Christ's love will shine into the hearts of those who see these beautiful portraits of our Savior. 

Christ's love reigns. 

He is Lord!


  1. Milton the church looks beautiful. Charlene and I have a lot of fond memories of Southside and the Roberts family that were so good to us in the late fifties. God bless

  2. Rock, thanks for your note and even more for your faithful service to the Lord all these years. The Roberts' family blessed so many people down through the years. Heaven's records will reveal all of our works for Him.