Friday, May 1, 2009


Hospitality is almost a lost art in today's society and also in the church. People are busy, too busy and fail to realize that connecting relationally best occurs around a table. Follow Christ's example in the Gospels and you will see Him eating and cooking and sharing around a table or open fire. Paul, also spoke to the value of entertaining and caring for the physical needs of people around the table.

Families eat with the TV blaring and too often don't get to share "family time" around the dinner table. That is a shame. Families and friends saints and sinners bond around the table of bread. Yes, I wrote sinners. Jesus ate with sinners too.

This week we have entertained a couple of times in our home as Wanda and I have invited friends over for a meal. Wanda is a calming and comforting person who just has a sweet special knack for making people feel at home.

We sat on the back deck eating and enjoying good fellowship, delicious meals, cool days, beautiful flowers, and birds singing, and very soft music in the background. Our talk was uplifting, encouraging, prayerful, and filled with fun and laughter. It had both physical and spiritual value to all present. That is pleasing to the Lord, glorifies Him, and helps promote His Kingdom. 

I actually entertained a number of guests in my home as a single guy, but it is more fun and enjoyable to share the experience with a beautiful partner who is a "great" cook.

God is good.

Part of the requirement for being a pastor is the gift of hospitality. Read what Paul wrote to Timothy. Wanda has that gift as a pastor's wife and helps me qualify in the hospitality category. Food is expensive, finding time is a challenge, and preparing for guests is demanding, but it is a good and spiritual thing to do. It is also a blessing to get to bless others.

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  1. Milton,

    I was testing out some Google searches for a book manuscript I've written and your and your late wife's blogs popped up. My heart goes out to you with shared feelings that a husband goes through after saying goodbye to a best friend and love of one's life.

    God Bless you on your journey!