Friday, May 15, 2009


Wednesdays are study and prayer days for me, and I do great deal of it sitting on my back porch. Looking out through the screened porch into the back yard is glorious.

Wanda and I also like to eat our breakfast on the porch and read the Bible together. As we shared Wednesday morning in our early devotions, my eyes fell on Luke's recording of Christ's teaching on the Kingdom, worry, and the lessons of the birds and lilies. Christ taught us to trust Him, put the Kingdom first, and not too worry about the daily needs. He will take care of us even more than He does the birds and lilies.

I looked out beyond our deck to the bird feeder 
and watched all the birds coming and going for their breakfast. There were a couple of red birds, a male and female, and woodpecker, and wrens, and other unidentified birds. They chirped and sang with a joy of life that stirred new refreshings in me. They weren't worried about tomorrow and all its issues and needs. They were happy today.

Right in front of me was a little male wren taking food to his female partner who is nesting in a geranium plant now blooming in all its glory.

I looked further into the back yard to day lilies blooming and again saw the wonder and beauty of God.

Squirrels were racing back and forth over our fence and through the woods sending mating calls to each other. 

All of the flowers of the back yard we have recently planted were glowing the goodness of God. 

I too will trust in Him. He will take care of tomorrow.


  1. I wish Wanda would blog. I would be interested in her feelings about all that has happened in the past 6 months.

  2. What a good reminder, especially in these economic times & uncertaintly that our world brings. We just know who holds our future and who holds our hand and is our TRUE provider. God is the only true consistency in our lives...I don't know how people cope without Him.

    Milton, thanks for continuing the encouraging words.

    Wanda, thanks for sharing "your Milton" with all of us!

    In Chris,
    Chico CA

  3. I appreciate this post. I love nature photography and find my thoughts turn towards the Lord when I'm out in my garden. Beautiful surroundings there. (I love that a bird is nesting in your geranium!)

  4. Enjoying the Glories of the goodness of he Lord!
    He truly does clothe the Lillies of the field. God bless.

  5. Thanks for reminding me. I so needed this post.