Monday, May 4, 2009


I continue to work in the yards. Months of lack of attention has left areas over-grown and lacking the beauty that the back yard has offered in the past. But, with Wanda's 
 help, the back yard is blooming again. All it takes is some will power, elbow grease, green thumb,  money for plants, and water and then the colors begin to glow.

We were blessed by the kindest, thoughtful family and friends with many lovely wedding gifts. Wanda and I are overwhelmed by the gracious warmth we have felt by our dear loved ones and friends. Day by day, Wanda is putting her touches on our home, and the aroma of home cooked meals is filling the house again. God is good!

One gift that I finally got put up is a chapel bird house for the back yard. Saturday I had to cut down a dead tree that was right up against the fence in the very back, center of our yard. It had been struck by lightning and had brown leaves but had a sturdy trunk. One of my good deacons, Gary, cut it down but left the trunk to place the chapel bird house. It looks great.

Now the birds can sit in their own place of worship and give glory to God. The back yard is filled with chirping, happy birds and they are busy nesting and preparing for the future little "birdies." 

In fact, one little couple is building a nest in one of the large flower pots Wanda placed on the back deck. Maybe they will see the nice, new bird chapel and check into one of the condo suites there. 

Spring is in full bloom, and the glory of God is revealed.


Monday we will be going to our annual state denominational meeting and there will be a special memorial service on Tuesday for ministers and spouses who passed during this last year. They will show a picture, call their names, offer prayers, and give roses to family members to honor those who served faithfully.

My daughters, Julie and Jennifer, will be present along with Wanda and me to honor Kristy. It would take a year of blogs and more to tell all that Kristy did to bless others and glorify her Savior. She truly deserves this honor. Jim, Wanda's first husband, was honored in a similar service five years ago. 

Pray for the girls and our family. This will be a moment of celebration of Kristy's life as well as the others who will be remembered. It will be touching and hurtful too. 

Kristy is smiling down on us from heaven. I am quite sure she is pleased and thankful for God's blessings on our lives. She labored for our good and wanted us to go forward to complete our journeys here on earth. 

One day will we see our precious loved ones again. 

God is good.

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