Tuesday, March 31, 2009


Well, I am very confident that I didn't break any bones in the basketball challenge Sunday evening between my 27 year old youth pastor and me whose age is none of your stinking business. My feelings got hurt worse than my muscles, but that's life.

Sore losers lose twice and more so I congratulate the little guy and commend him. It was a fun game most of all for a good cause though I will admit I would like to have beat him like a drum.

Life has many moments when we don't get what we desire. It happens every day and many times a day in family, neighbor, business, and all kinds of relationships. First place isn't reserved for all of us all the time. Someone has to come in second in all of life's give and take moments.

Just a brief questions for today. Can you compromise and give in without pouting or being a sore loser? Do you puff up like a toad when you can't have life as you desire it to be?

I don't mean to preach. I just wonder.....


  1. No...................maybe.................I'll try.............

  2. Milton,

    I enjoyed the humor in this post--and really laughed about the Kentucky vs Alabama discussion.

    I have been blog-hoping this morning and really laughed when I read this post on a new-to-me blog