Wednesday, March 18, 2009


Wanda and I watched a movie this past Saturday that was a little surreal for both of us. The movie was "Message in a Bottle." I selected it out of a stack of her old movies not knowing the plot. We both wound up in tears at the end.

The movie is about a man whose wife had passed away and how he wrote her a message that he put into a bottle and through it into the ocean. Some time later a woman found it on a beach and read the note and through her job at a newspaper investigated until she found the author. They fell in love but he drowned before they could marry.

Not knowing what was in the movie and then watching it together with both of our pasts brought back lots of pain. Yet, in a very real way it seemed providential for us to watch that movie and deal with hurts and grief.

Wanda said it was the first time both of us had emotional release with tears together. We are planning our lives and future but there are many things we both are dealing with that don't have easy answers.

Somehow the pain of that movie helped us to move ahead. It was a cathartic moment that helped flush out deep wounds and pain. God has been so good to guide, heal, help, and restore. He has been faithful to us even in using a secular movie with similar circumstances. 

I feel my future is before me and that there is a life ahead filled with His blessings.


  1. Dad, I believe that everything you've gone through with mom, her illness, her death is going to be used greatly by God. It's amazing to see you daily turn to Christ for strength and peace. You haven't shrunk or lost your faith, you've grown even stronger! What a testiment to how great our God really is!

    I'm praying that God will continue to heal your heart as you turn with Wanda and face your future together, side by side. You are blessed to have found her, and I see a future for all of us that is bright and full of blessing!

    Thanks for being faithful and setting a shinning example for me and all those around you.

    Love, Jennifer

  2. Milton, do we ever get to see a picture of Wanda? I am so happy for you and am so curious about your honey. I have been reading your blog for about a year and a half and I feel like I know you guys.

  3. I will post a picture of Wanda and me together in the future. Wanda has expressed her desire to me to wait for a while to share a picture of her with the blog world. I love my "honey" and will honor her wishes.