Tuesday, March 3, 2009


Here are more of the redecorating pictures of my house. Wanda and Tara worked hard last weekend to add the little touches that made everything come together. I really like the way it all looks. 

Before Kristy passed she talked very frank with me and my girls about painting and redecorating the house. She wanted my life to go forward and the one who God would bring into my life to feel free to make this her new home. That is amazingly unselfish love. 

My life is changing and it is moving forward to all the goodness that God has planned. It is both exciting and challenging, but I am ready and now is the time for it all to happen. God has been so good to me. He is very faithful.


  1. Dad, I'm so happy for you. It's amazing to see God's love in action, and that's what your life is!

    Some might be wondering if it's hard for me, as Kristy's daughter, to see the changes taking place... but you know what, Mom's spirit is stronger than any possession and redecorating can't change that or take it away. Her memory lives strong in my heart.

    I believe we are honoring her by going on. You are honoring her by going on. I just know she's cheering you on and happy.

    She wants us to finish our race strong. Moving forward with God's help, love, grace and mercy is how we're going to do it.

    I love you.

  2. Thank you Jennifer. Your Mom is proud of you. We are going to finish our race for His glory and honor just like Kristy did. Let's press forward and higher. God is good.


  3. Wanda has great taste, as did Kristy. Your home is warm, inviting and very tastefully done...especially love the floor lamps by the piano. How clever is THAT? Hum....I think I hear HomeGoods calling my name.

  4. Your home looks just lovely, Milton.

  5. The redecorating is just beautiful! And such a lovely metaphor for the change in your life. I have a feeling Kristy would approve greatly. Very happy for you.