Thursday, March 19, 2009


I have been practicing more this week for the upcoming challenge basketball game between my your pastor and me. It is a week and a half away but I am getting back into "game" shape. That is not easy for a 59 1/2 year old man to do.

I returned to the bball court to practice on Tuesday afternoon. After a half hour of shooting by myself, one of the guys I played on Monday showed up to play. He is less than half my age so I didn't expect to compete very good, but I did beat him the day before against several guys playing 21.

Amazingly, I won again. He was surprised that this old guy could keep up with the young bucks. Not all preachers are sissies. Ha! Now, that comes from a preacher.

I haven't witnessed to him yet, but I plan on sharing Christ with him. I can tell he isn't a christian. He seemed drawn to me and wanted to play again. We will probably play again next week as I am tied up for a few days. This is a time I can be salt and light. I bet he will be surprised when he finds out that I am a preacher. I haven't hidden my light. He can tell I am different already by how I conduct myself, but the light is about to shine even brighter on Ray. 

Pray for Ray that God's light will shine into his heart. There is a world that needs Jesus. We must share the light.

I will.


  1. Dad, This is so exciting! There are so many young people that need hope. What an awesome opportunity to reach out to the young men right in your neighborhood. I will pray for Ray!

  2. Go Preacher Man and bring that light to Ray! Praying for you in California!

  3. Praying for Ray...and you...that you won't throw something out of joint and mess yourself up royally.