Wednesday, March 4, 2009


I don't cuss, but I did say my Sunday School lesson backwards one time. I used to golf, but I didn't have enough religion. I didn't cuss, but where I spit the grass died! Ha!

Do you cuss?

Don't answer that, but I was watching a CNN news program that mentioned  a kid in Los Angeles who is calling for a no cussing week for middle school students. That sounds like a novel idea for society in motivating people to talk with a better standard of communication. I guess that is a commentary on society and the continued breakdown of our moral fiber.

I can remember a time when TV did not offer foul language and movies didn't include four letter words. Now it seems almost impossible to find any movies that a family can view together.

Why shouldn't we choose a higher level of speech and use our brains a little more in communication. Nothing is cheaper than hearing foul language coming from the mouths of kids. 

Cussing doesn't advance anything is society and it makes for a lower life. Here is for hoping that that the young guy calling for a no cussing week makes a big dent in foul mouths.


  1. I've always seen cursing as a sign of extreme immaturity. I saw a sign once that said, "If you must curse, use your own name," signed "GOD."

    Amen to that!

  2. I hear cussing and I view that person as someone with limited vocabulary. Also, another pet peave and I see this particulary in sports, entertainment...Someone that says "you know what I mean or you know what I'm saying" ever 5 seconds. Makes me want to cuss!
    Ken Pickett Holiday Hill Manor, Jax.

  3. Dayle,

    How funny! I've passed this onto my son, the pastor, and it's going on his church's sign tommorow morning.

    More seriously, I'm so sick of the filth that passes for language these days. I remember being in a resturant as a little girl, and my dad went over to the men at the next table and pointed out that his wife and daughters were seated at the next table. They immediately, profusely apologized. And we were in a truck stop--traveling in the days before McDonalds.

    God save us.