Tuesday, March 10, 2009


I appreciate the continued interest in my blog. It is still a work in progress with changes yet to come. Readers have followed the creation of this new blog even thought the style and substance has changed and broadened from my previous more romantic writings on Kristy's blog. I appreciate the continued interest, prayers, and kindness you have shown me. God bless each of you.

Plea is an appeal to the higher good drawn from occurrences and interests in my life. For months I wrote personally what was happening with me and my family. It was very transparent and often touched the raw nerves of my life. Literally thousands around the world read and many of you emailed or commented how it had helped you. Plea is a broader view beyond my life happenings and uses several different approaches. I hope it doesn't ever sound like a preacher though I am sure it does more than I know or will admit.

A number of people asked about the names of the new colors in my house. Now, if I can add just a little more "color" in my life. Actually that is not too far off in the future. My life is going to brighten more as God adds Wanda to my life. God has given us a very special love created in heaven.

Here are the new color names from BEHR Paints at Home Depot.

The Red in the dining room is called Sly Fox.
The Gold throughout the living room, family room, and kitchen is Warm Muffin.

These colors have warmed my home and brightened my life. Kristy told me to redecorate and paint my home. She knew it would make for the new day to come. She had such unselfish love.


  1. LOL! Where else can you get decorating advice and spiritual wisdom all in the same blog post. I absolutely love the new look of your home. Just beautiful! So cheery and homey. I'm filing those paint colors away for future reference! Very happy for you!

  2. Very nice colors. We all need to make changes at times in our lives and they are for the better. Congratulations in moving forward in your life. I have you listed on my blog as one that I keep up with as well as Kristy's blog.