Tuesday, March 24, 2009


One of my few regrets when I attended high school many years ago at Walter Wellborn High in Anniston, Alabama, was not playing organized sports. I was a small, underweight guy, and we had moved a couple of times which kept me from being involved in summer training programs. I liked band and played the trumpet in the marching band as well as the orchestra. I wasn't that good, but enjoyed playing along and got into the football games free.

I loved football, basketball, tennis, and softball. I would play every chance I had and really wished I had played football and basketball. In college, I played intramural sports as we had some really rough tag football games in the afternoons after classes. I didn't make it on the basketball team though I played a lot of pick-up games in the afternoons too.

Now, pushing 60 I get a kick out of trying to compete with the young guns. Amazingly, last week as I practiced I beat a few of the guys in pick-up games at a local park near my house. I will be practicing there some this week as I step up my game to play my youth pastor this Sunday evening for a fun fund raiser for the youth. 

Eric, my youth pastor, and I have had some fun putting together some promo videos for church to drum up some buzz for the event. I will see about putting one of them up in a day or so. They are a hoot.

When you're young at heart, life is brighter and seems more enjoyable. I am having fun with BBall and look forward to beating Eric this Sunday evening. You might put one of us on your prayer list this week. HA! Maybe you need to put the old guy on your prayer list.

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