Monday, March 16, 2009


Monday's are recovery days for preachers. Some use it as a day off, but I never have liked to take Monday as my off day because there are always things to do. I prefer to use Monday as more of a slow recovery day getting needed things done and light planning for the remainder of the week.

Usually I am so up tight on Sunday evening that it is difficult to turn my brain off. I don't sleep well on Sunday nights. Either the Sunday services were so good that I am so excited and can't sleep, or things didn't go so well and I can't get it off my mind Sunday either. That makes for a rough Monday for me. I wonder how many other preachers suffer this malady.

Sunday was a good day and I felt that the Lord helped me to minister His Word and speak hope and faith into the hearts of those present. I pastor a wonderful congregation that I have always felt were so receptive to the preaching of God's Word. They are so responsive and open and love God's servant. I am blessed to pastor such a loving people.

So when should a preacher have a day off? I have found that Friday works best for me. I work in the office several days each week and use Wednesday as a day of study and prayer, though I study and pray every day. 

What did I preach this past Sunday? My topic was "Strength." I had felt impressed to use a often quoted verse found in Philippians 4:13, "I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me." There is strength enough through Christ to make it through every test. I have found this last year and a half that Christ walks with us and renews us everyday to make it. 

There is strength for you today. Open your heart to Him and let Him in. He gives strength to face all things in life.

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