Wednesday, March 11, 2009


Every day as a minister and pastor is different. 

I love my calling and I love the church that I serve. I have served a number of wonderful congregations and have had the priviledge of helping start almost 100 churches. You ought to have done something in almost 40 years of ministry though I feel like I have done so little.

Tuesday I began with early morning devotions then headed to the church for my weekly staff meeting and prayer and devotions with them. Following the staff meeting, I worked on an announcement video for this Sunday to promote a challenge basketball game between my youth pastor and me to raise money for missions. Then I was off to visit a member having surgery and back to the church for a luncheon appointment. A counseling session followed that with phone calls in between and some work on the computer. I raced off for another appointment followed by another hospital visit and then another hospital visit. Then I headed home for some house projects and a few phone calls in between. That was followed by more computer work and a few more phone calls. More studying and reading followed in the evening. I didn't have a night appointment which is unusual. 

That is just part of what pastor's do. The call to preach and pastor has to be the most rewarding job imaginable. Yes, I do get discouraged and many times things don't go the way I desire, but my responsibility is to be obedient and faithful and use my talents in the best possible manner for my Lord.

That is what I am trying to do. Each day is a new day with new and different dimensions of work. Life certainly is not boring as a pastor.

Tuesday, several people told me that I had helped them. That makes it worth it all.

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  1. Let me be another to say you have helped us! Upon finding out my wife was in the ER it wasnt long before you were there to pray with her and offer encouragement.She is now home and by God's grace doing soo much better!! Thank you Pastor for your love and concern. Rick