Friday, October 26, 2012


I never thought I would enjoy motorcycle riding. It came late in life. I thought it was to dangerous a thing to do, and it probably is. Yet, I have had a barrel of fun doing it. My most enjoyable rides have been up to the Smokies to view Autumn.

Last week we rode almost 1400 miles from Jacksonville up to Savannah and then Northwest up to the Smokies. The skies were clear and their was a coolest in the air. It was fantastic riding weather. You couldn't ask for better.

Why do I enjoy it so much?

I totally get my mind off things.
I love the outdoors.
The smells are more succinct.
The co-riders are fun people.
The stops for coffee and meals are bonuses.
It is freedom.
It is eye-popping.
It is friendly people.
It is sharing with Wanda.

I love the picture taking too. Here are a few shots from our recent trip.


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