Friday, October 12, 2012


I had my annual physical this week and my doctor encouraged me to take the flu shot and the shingles shot. In the past I've been hesitant to take the flu shot, but this year for some reason I felt different about taking it. So, the nurse stuck me. Wow! I was sore. In the night I started sneezing and cough and having a runny nose. I thought that they had given me the flu, but later that morning the symptoms began to fall away. I still have a slight nasal drain but no other symptoms. PTL!

I sure hope this works. I certainly don't won't the flu bug.

Several years back I had the shingles, and man does that ever hurt. They appeared across the left side of my belly. I didn't have a clue what the problem was. After hurting a few days, I made a doctor's appointment and found that I had shingles. The doctor showed me pictures of others who had severe cases of it, and was I ever thankful that mine were not that bad. Yes, they hurt, but not nearly as bad as they could have.

Hopefully, the shingles shot will keep me from having another bout of them. The shot was painful, but not near as painful as actually having a full fledged bout.

Here is a greater truth:

I have been inoculated by the blood of Jesus Christ. Sin's hold is broken. Death's sting has been taken away. He has freed me from the power of Satan. I'm free. Praise God I'm free.

The flu or shingles are bad enough, but nothing to compare with the sting and impact of sin. Thank God for the blood Jesus Christ. He sets us free.

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